Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocking The Trend

Some of my Favorite Nails over the last few months. My nails are done by
Miss Toni Chase at Nail Aesthetics (http://www.nailaesthetics.com/)

Yellow with flowers

Grey with multi glitter

Tiffany Blue I love this blue

The is a purple glitter back fill. My mommy loves this one

Jade with sparkle on my ring finger

Nude with Gold Glitter so chic

Red with Pink Cherry Blossom

Brown with Black Polka Dots. This was fun

Cherry Red with Silver Tips So Fun



  1. My top three: 1- brown with black polka dots 2 - Tiffany blue 3 - grey with multi glitter :-) I like this blog! Very nails about town.

  2. funny Kerry and I have the same top 3!