Friday, April 13, 2012

The Five ~ Denim

Quite possiblity the hardest thing to shop for; hands down are Jeans. Even for a professional shopper like myself it drives me a bit crazy to buy jeans. Trust me you must try on dozens of pairs to find 1 perfect pair and them comes the question of the wash. How dark do you go how lite. Don't even get me started on whiskering and lentgh. It is a very long process and it can be spirit breaking. This list will not make the process any easier or faster but it will set you in the direction on what denim items you need to have in a stylish wardrobe. A few warnings Never and I do mean Never wear denim on denim it is a hard look to pull off. The darker the denim the better looking the fit will appear to be and finally NO ACID WASH I am sorry 1983 called and they are saying its a bad look. LOL


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