Sunday, September 18, 2011

Westfield's Style Tour with the great Stacy London

Ok I have to admit I am a bit of a Fashion Geek. I have friends who go nuts over all things tech or act goofy about sports but for me it has always been fashion and fashionable people. So when I found out the Stacy London was going to be an hour away at the SF Westfield I had to be there and let me say it was so worth it.

First she gave a talk and did Q&A about style issues people had and there were some great questions. Color blocking was a big topic as was denim. She talked about trends and dressing for your age. All great topics that I learned a lot from. I will share my information in a series of post and blogs after I do more research.

By the way can I say she looked great in these great Peacock green cropped pants and a super cute top. With a tribal statement necklace and a python print stiletto. She was perfect. Not to mention she was really funny.

The best part was the Trend show. She walked us through what the trends were for fall 2011 and showed them to us in all price points. It was amazing. Now I did not agree with all of the outfits strictly based on taste, where I live now and if I am being honest age. There are some looks that you can only rock in a big city if you are 22 and she said that. Over all I loved the show.

My Top 3

I love this look and think it works for every age and budget. The great dress with a white trench coat just screams sophistication. Also notice the pop of color in the red clutch. While this look was more of a going out look it can be a day look just change the bag and the shoes.

Like I said I did not agree with everything but I thought this look had good bones. Plus the most expense thing on this look are the earrings. The whole look cost $157.00 and it was from H&M. I would lose the hat and/or the fur collar. I think it's too much but the look; I like the idea of it. Stacy talked about how faux leather was a great trend and that the faux leather that companies were making now looked and felt better than the pleather of years past.

This look is my favorite because the best things about fall are sweaters and boots. The look is just so classic. It is simple to put together and looks great. I love the idea of a sweater coat as a wardrobe staple. The boots make the look put together and thought out. Those boots in fact are from H&M as well and are only $60.

The 3 things I will take away for this day with Stacy
Dress for your age.
Dress for the body you have today not the one you want.
If you wore it the first time around you are too old to wear when it comes back into style.

So those are my top 3 looks from the Trend Show. Tell me what you think.

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