Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmys Fashion Rundown

For the most part the Emmys are a very classy affair. TV actors don't get too wild like say musician but they have their moments. Here is my rundown of who did well and who you looked at and went "Really that is what you are going to wear"

The looks I Loved:

Amber Riley from Glee I think she looks great, the color is amazing on her. She is a women who knows how to dress for her size.

Evan Rachel Wood she came out to impress. She looks amazing. The entire look is put together with the feel of Old Hollywood.

Kelly Osborne was Perfection. I love the color. She looks like she came to be notice and notice we did.

Looks I Liked well enough

Lea Michele looked great. I did not love the shoulder detail on this Donna Karen dress but the look was nice.

Sofia Vergara looked amazing and the only reason I did not love it was bad undergarmet.

Christina Hendricks looks fine which is to say she always looks fine. She is very proud of her figure as she should be but could we put the girls away sometimes.

My What The Heck were you thinking looks

Katie Holmes just grabbed a dress from the closet, put on a glitzy belt and through her hair up. I mean it looks like she did not even try.

Amy Poehler must have gotten her dress from the gym. Navy blue shiny spandex to the Emmys. What's with the hair. It looks like she did not come to win.

Paula Abdul what can I say. How about visit a buffet. My goodness please eat something. The dress looks to big she looks like she is going to fall over it is all kinds of wrong.

The List

1. You can't just wear that because a friend made it

2. A little bit of make-up could have made this better

3. We are glad to see you on the red carpet
Mayim Bialik

4. I'm Sorry the hot mess awards are next week

5. All the glitters is not gold

6. Fire your stylist asap

7. I like it and think you pulled it off

8. Ladies take note of how to shine on the red carpet

9. Pure Perfection

10. Give your stylist a raise

11. We want to see you do better next year (hire a stylist)

Drumroll Please
Worst Dressed
I am sorry but your craft project does not belong on the Red Carpet.

Best Dressed
Just amazing.

Did I get it right? I want to hear from you.

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