Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Charm Bracelet

Yesterday I wrote about bracelets and I thought I would share my favorite bracelet with you all my Charm bracelet. Now you can buy a completed charm bracelet for the fashion of it and I have several of those but more often than not if I am wearing a charm bracelet it is the personal story of my life now. I have been obsessed with these bracelets all my life. Growing up my auntie Ann had a charm bracelet from all the places she traveled and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wanted to create my life experiences in jewelry. I also wanted it to be a gift which is meant to bring good luck. So after years of hinting 3 years ago my hubby started mine and besides my wedding ring it is the most important piece of jewelry I own. It has many charms that are easily identified as Malia like the golden gate bridge, which is the bridge that keeps me home. Or the purse which Eric says symbolizes my first real love. However there a few that are not so easy to understand like the pea pod given to me by my hubby or the light bulb which is the best inside joke ever. I started one for my Mommy who now has 2 and I sometimes give charms to my besties just to show them I was thinking about them. Charm Bracelets should be able to spark a conversation and tell the amazing story of the wearer. 

We get my Charms for Style By Malia's Preferred Jeweler Greg Darcy at Darcy's Fine Jewelers
  • 205 Fifth Street
  • Santa Rosa, CA 95401
  • 707.545.3957

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