Monday, April 30, 2012

The Five ~ Accessories


A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. That is the definition of an accessory. So if we were to be technical shoes, purses, jewelry and such things are all accessories but since I have already wrote about some of those things in this blog I have left them out. However we will be revisiting them when I start a new series called The Basics in a week or so.  Ok now that I have gotten that out of the way can I just say I love love love accessories. They make me happy. Accessories can turn an okay outfit into something stunning. I think a pair of driving gloves and sunglasses make an outfit look so chic and effortless. Adding a scarf can add a great pop of color or a touch of romance to a look. A hat adds drama and mystery. Now don't get me wrong accessories do have drawbacks. You can over do it very easily. Unless it is snowing or you are skiing a big coat, scarf and thick gloves are going to be hard to pull off as an everyday look. The first rule of accessories is not to try to hard. Give yourself permission to add some fun to your wardrobe by playing with accessories. Going to an outdoor concert throw on a hat with you shorts and tank. Out wine tasting over sized sunglasses keep the paparazzi away. Add a belt to a boring sweater to a bit of bling. Just try thinking outside of your everyday that is how style is developed.     

straw hat





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